About the show

frank2014You’ve all seen us at a show, maybe at a tattoo convention, bikeshow, car meeting or any other venue. At these shows we’re always part of a sideshow. Not a bad thing but it was about time we got a show where we would be the headliner. In 2012 I’ve been asked by a museum owner in Geldrop to organise a show. A show just for kustom kulture art. How cool is that? And the best thing was the location. A former Catholic Church, what a sweet location!

For the first 3 years this church has been the backdrop of the Saints & Sinners show. And it was mental. Great artists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany have showed their skills at this show. Loads of visitors from the same countries and beyond came to look at our art and brought it back to their own homes. Super!
A show like no other in any of these countries.

Number four and five were held in Eindhoven at the Klokgebouw. A city where more visitors were able to find their way to this venue. Not just rockabillies, bikers or carpeople but also store owners, barbers, other craftsmen or anyone else who would like to see this kind of skill, up close and personal.

For the 2017 edition we will set up shop in the lovely city of Venlo at Vault 13, a bit further south, a bit closer to our German friends and again a sweet location. Vault 13 is not only a well known tattoo parlour in a huge classical building, but also a clothing shop, barbershop but also has an indoor coffeehouse with drinks and food, so you can even grab a bite to eat while you’re there.

Treat yourself on a free show, with priceless art. Great artists will be able to tell you all you need to know about their skills. You will see many one-off pieces of art that will blow your mind. Vintage looking signs, kickass drawings, wicked sculptures, all handmade by people who love what they’re doing.

So come and visit our show, I will promise you, you won’t regret coming to the show. The only thing you will regret is not having enough wall space at home to hang all the stuff you want to buy.

Frank Stienen
Organisation Saints & Sinners Kustom Kulture Artshow.