My name is Beer, born in 1961, been a biker and into choppers since 1979. BB designs is the name of the company I started with when I tried to make a living as an illustrator. I have made illustrations for the American Magazines Super Cycle and Biker but did most of them for the Dutch Bigtwin.

I never was successful with my paintings and drawings so I started writing and taking photos for biker magazines . I have worked for many magazines worldwide  for at least 30 years and began building choppers for a company called L&L at a certain point as well.

Today I have my own little workshop and I stopped doing work for other mags than my own Chop, ride & party yearbook. In the yearbook you will find everything you can imagine about choppers and the life around it which includes loads of cool art! In my shop I build around four bikes a year and make motorcycle miniatures and other steel-art.