Hi! I am Bibi van de Laar, i make day of the dead art.

I’m lucky enough to attend the Saints& Sinners art show for the fourth time this year.

I paint (already excisting )holy statues in `day of the dead´ or ´dia de los Muertos´- style. I’ve always liked skulls and things like Vanitas Paintings for exactly the meaning it has: death is part of life and life should be celebrated. This combined with all the bright colors and patterns connected to this south American holiday got me to do what I do.

A few years ago I got the opportunity to put some of my statues on display at a tattoo convention. I got noticed by this kustom-art-collective The Popcorn Krew who adopted me right away an dragged me into the Kustom-art World. Since then I learned a lot, gathered even more inspiration by all the excellent artists I met. This is what I love about Saints and Sinners, between the artists there is a great deal of respect and appreciation towards each others work, regarding how talented or experienced you are. Artists inspire each other and help each other out  by giving advice where ever they can.

I didn’t do any courses, had no artistic education what so ever, I just do what I like, and learn during the process. It so happens I love everything that goes along with this Kustom Kulture scene: the art, old bikes and cars, tattoos and ofcourse the music. I defenately enjoy what I do, I hope you do too..

See you at Saints&Sinners!!