Hi, my name is Dennis Konings. Been drawing most of my life but got hooked on custom painting when I bought an airbrush back in 2003. Basically taught myself all the custom paint tricks in the book, working on freehand airbrush to oldschool metalflake paintjobs.
Since people recognized my work as being high quality I got more and more requests for jobs so I started my business Konings Paint.

Oldschool flames are one of my most favorite things to paint. When I was still doing the outlines of the flames by masking with tape I watched various Discovery Channel episodes with people from the States that painted the outlines by hand. I needed to try that for myself, so I got a xcalibur 000 brush and a couple cans of One Shot.
A whole new world opened up to me!! Pinstriping the outlines of flames became pinstriping designs, handlettering, goldleafing and meeting lots of cool people!