Hellbillys and -bellas unite..
Thing will get messy.

Hellbilly Hookerpunch is on the menue and that means Rotterdam Outlaw TrailerTrash Country! Cash and Carters Jackson, of House of the Rising Sun. You should know  Hellbilly Hookerpunch from Rotterdam Tattoo Convention, Big Texas BBQ, but especially the band that blew apart the Pijnacker Bluegrass Festival.

You can get Hookerpunched on saturday around 14:00

Bjorn Bolleboom ( Well known as Stumpy): Vocals/Rythm guitar
Femke Groeneveld (Well known as Black eyed beauty AKA Beb): Vocals
Lars Nebel (Well known as Dicky Rosewater): Lead Guitar
Dennis Klootwijk ( Well known as Darryl Ballville): Drums
Jan-Kees Groeneveld ( Well known as Yankee Doodle: Banjo
Jesse van der Heijden (Well known as Jizzy Buttstain): Double Bass