As a child from the ’70s, teenager of the ’80s, I spent my youth reading comic books, riding BMX-bikes and playing arcade games. I loved watching The Dukes of Hazzard and action-packed movies like Cannonball Run and Star Wars.

I began my illustration career with the age of 16, designing rock posters and album artwork for the bands in my hometown. Several years before iMacs and Photoshop revolutionized the industry, I was one of the lucky illustrators that learned to create art traditionally just by hand using Airbrush, Letraset-Letters and Copic-Markers.

Taking my art to the next level with digital techniques, I quickly gained new clients from youth culture related labels to blue chip brands aiming to reach a stylish and cutting-edge audience. With my underground roots always shining through, my illustrative style is rough, raw and edgy.

The female protagonists are more switchblade sisters than innocent cuties and I always have a focus on transferring the high-impact energy of my favorite car-chase movies and Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude to my work.

I work in various techniques, from painting to digital, but I’m always adding my experience in filmmaking, model photo-shoots and advertising layouts to keep my work vibrant, unique and alive. For me it is never a job, but an extension of my life. A dream came true!