Hello, my name is Jeffrey Warlich. I’ve been into Kustom Kulture for as long as I can remember. My childhood years are influential to this day. As a little kid I was interested in all kind of ‘Americana’. Through my parents I became a fan of all things 1950’s. My favorite toy was a vintage portable Philips record player. I loved the music and the aesthetics that came with it (graphic design, illustrations, and art) and started surrounding myself with vintage, retro, and home made stuff.

The objects I make are often old things that have been thrown away but where I still can see some beauty in combined with other old or new things. And that reminds me of Kustom Kulture. Bringing back to life what others consider dead and make it my own.

Drawing came natural to me coming from a creative family. I used to draw all the time and even remember the first cars I scribbled down looked like what I now know as C-Cab Ford Model-Ts and Corvettes. I became very interested in special paint, WO II airplane noseart (pin-ups, lettering, and other markings), hotrods and customizing. I used to skateboard, I watched cartoons, played video games, read comics… Also in the early eighties my dad brought home some of the art-supplies he used at work, and I guess that started my graffiti-career. And around 1990 all these sort of hobbies of mine and it’s different styled imagery merged into one art movement, and it immediately felt like coming home.

After graduating commercial graphic design I went to the art academy and graduated in illustration.

These days I often work for cultural events. I do my own lettering, I design flyers, posters, t-shirts, album covers, childrens books, decoration, fineart paintings, and a graffiti-mural once in a while…
Always with a big fat touch of 1950’s rock’n’roll.