Earlier editions of the Saints and Sinners Kustom Kulture artshow were held in a former church in Geldrop, this is the second time the show is held at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. The venue is much more accessible than the former location. With this bigger venue we are also able to host more artists, draw more crowd and also make the show more apealing with the adition of a sideshow.
We are very happy we have the chance to have the show here, it has much better facilities, like the Blue colar Hotel in the same building and on site catering.

Originally built in 1929 as a Philips factory, the Klokgebouw has become an iconic landmark in the city and is a welcoming face to all Eindhoven-bound train travellers from the north. It has since been renovated into an exciting, environmentally friendly building which was nominated for the Brabant Culture Prize in 2010. But it isn’t just its unique heritage that puts this seven-floor factory on the map. The Klokgebouw houses workspaces, cultural, sports, gastronomical and musical hotspots and hosts a wide range of events from markets and festivals to exhibitions and shows.


Opening times:
Saturday 9 april. 13h – 18h
Sunday 10 april. 11h – 17h.