Hi there…. I’m Sven and my artist psuedo came from the fact that I’ve been carrying spraycans around since 1987. Graduated art director/graphic designer, but glass artist by profession, I make stained glass for a living, but when the sun sinks behind the horizon, dark forces take over and it time to make some artwork…Kustom Kulture that is.

I like to make paintings of cars I like since a couple of years now, weapons of choice are spraycans and acrylic paint, which is applied by brush/finger and markers. All those years in the graffiti scene taught me that I’m easly bored with styles and places. Same goes for the artwork I’ve been making last 10 years, painting canvas, after canvas got me bored, I started transforming wooden shoes into skulls, tiki’s, zombies. and from that things took off…
I like to wander around flea markets, where I can find some old stuff, old statues, rusted out antique crap, stuff that is cool enough to have, so I buy a lot…and then the whole sign thing started, I had some cool old items and made a board around it, sawed out lettering, led lighting…every sign/board is a new adventure, composition, colour use, construction, it’s fun to work on pieces like that.

I ain’t the type of guy you can easily categorize, illustrations, automotive art, graffiti murals, lettering, signmaker, greasemonkey, creative octopus, Rattlecanned…all out