Hello, my name is Rick Huppertz. About two years ago I started drawing cars, after coming across some of my old graffiti work I did in the mid-nineties. I was triggered by my old drawings and realised my passion still existed!

I consider myself to be autodidact since I never attended art school or any similar form of education. I started drawing by using graphite pencils and pastel pencils. After seeing other artists using markers I decided to give it a try as well. Nowadays I use markers in combination with colour pencils and pastel pencils. I reckon it won’t be long before I will start using spray cans again.

The main reason for drawing cars is that I have always been a car fanatic and visited many custom car shows. I was especially interested in air cooled Volkswagen. Nowadays I draw American cars commissioned by people in the USA.
I consider every drawing to be a challenge and learning process in which I am pushing my boundaries every time. That’s why, besides drawing in perspective, I also started drawing cars in fish eye perspective.

If you would like to see more of my drawings you are more than welcome to visit my Instagram: @rickthedutch