Hey Ho!
I’m Nick from “SchwarzWaldArbeit” (“SchwarzWald” is the name of the region in germany, where i was born and “SchwarzArbeit” means “f*** the tax office!”) I was born in 1979 in a small town in the “Black Forest”. Since I was able to hold a pencil, I think I was drawing.
That’s why school wasn’t soo bad for me – because especially in math class, I had enough time…

Something about 3 years ago (because of my love to the Rockabilly- and Punkrockscene), I got in touch with the Kustom Kulture scene.
First steps I did with a 2,5kg striping brush from the internet and some “Revell”colors.
But then (2 years ago) my wife gave me the “pinstriping-weekend workshop” from jahpix and artwork 79 as a gift – and finally I learned, what I was doing all the time. Since that day it’s my best way to relax (best with a good Whiskey and looouuud music) and to express myself.
I mostly do kustomart with some parts of pinstripes, but also some digital graphix for shirts and bands.
Take a look at the results…

There’s still a lot, what I have and want to learn… …but that is exactly, why I’m very gratefull for the invitation to the SAINT AND SINNERS Show!

So on – see you in rosmalen…